My, what a beautiful process you have

Product owner selection & training Team composition Partnership Alliance Social Team meet Desserts optional Main course all of these, always Appetizers optional CO PREPARATION EVERY MILESTONE KICK OFF Epic User story Bug RELEASE PLANNING CREATE / UPDATE BACKLOG CO PRE- PARATION Evaluation Celebrate success Social Planning Stand Up Craftsmanship Manual testing by customer Retrospective Acceptance by PO EVERY RELEASE SPRINT 2 weekly DAILY EVERY SPRINT Review Backlog Refinement Marketing Kabisa Learn Adapt Process Hosting Backups Servicedesk Incidents management Security Maintenance Monitoring Deployments pipeline management Advice Documentation knowledge assurance ON THE RADAR MILESTONE CLOSURE Continuous automated deploy On the radar Social Craftsmanship M I L E S T O N E L A U N C H • Just enough up front design (visual &architectural) • Proof of Concept • Story mapping• Wireframes• User stories• Estimation • Concept review• Assumption Analysis• Personas• Customer Journey• SWOT