In order to build awesome tailor-made software solutions, you need software developers who approach their work as a craftsman, applying best practices and great personal skills to deliver the highest quality.

image/svg+xml AMBITION


At Kabisa, great things come from striving for great things. We always create the best solution possible and raise the bar every day. We strive for Craftsmanship and value the latest knowledge and expertise. We foster in personal growth and team growth.

image/svg+xml RESULT DRIVEN

Result Driven

At Kabisa, we deliver what we promise. We take initiative and ask for forgiveness instead of permission. We are not without failure, but if we fail we try to fail fast. We are proactive and prepared. We adopt the boy scout attitude and always take full responsibility.

image/svg+xml CUSTOMERFOCUS

Customer Focus

At Kabisa, we seek for the question behind the question. We have an attitude of being transparent and vulnerable. We are flexible and commit to our proven successful process. We start with a blank slate, are curious and validate assumptions. We express creativity and propose alternatives to choose from.

image/svg+xml CO-CREATION


At Kabisa, we create partnership with joint responsibility. We are transparent, open and honest. At times, we can be stubborn, but we show our commitment. We are brave, and dare to mention the elephant in the room. We love to learn together and find new solutons to complex problems.

image/svg+xml INNOVATIVE


At Kabisa, we are creative, dare to explore & experiment. We don’t reinvent the wheel. We think of different tools than the hammer alone.

image/svg+xml FUN


At Kabisa, we celebrate our successes. We love to laugh since humor creates energy. We don’t take ourselves to seriously and put things into perspective. We believe teams are made in the locker room (or in a bar). We believe in healthy body, healthy mind. Kabisa is the best place to work.