In order to build awesome tailor-made software solutions, you need software developers who approach their work as a craftsman, applying best practices and great personal skills to deliver the highest quality.

Supporting values: ‘honest, brave, committed’.

Genuine interest in the client, the assignment and the team: that’s how Kabisa aims to deliver the best product to our customers. Not just for now, but in a way that provides for all the customers’ needs in a long-term and sustainable way.

Supporting values: ‘balanced, deliberate, common sense’.

Healthy is a value that Kabisa interprets in the broadest possible sense. Being healthy means having a good work-life balance, making choices using common sense, and being in good physical and mental shape. That’s why ‘health’ is of great value to Kabisa. Healthiness indirectly contributes to (personal) growth, knowledge and skills, job satisfaction, an optimal team spirit, and being the best employer, developer or customer contact.

Supporting values: ‘ambitious, initiative, perseverance’.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way – and we definitely have the will! Team Kabisa is highly ambitious and only delivers the best. Not just for ourselves but especially for our clients: long-term solutions, code that can be built on, and smart tweaks whenever possible. If the team sees an opportunity – a chance to improve or an option to elaborate on something – we will always take the initiative to implement it, as long as the customer benefits. We’d rather ask for forgiveness than wait for permission. If something doesn’t work out, or the answer to our suggestion is a resounding no, that doesn’t spell the end for the idea: where there’s a will, there’s a way.