We don’t just build awesome software for ourselves, we build it for happy users. We release regularly to provide them with new functionality and bugfixes.

Prepare for success


  • Team is confident and proud with the release.
  • Product Owner is happy and has accepted the release.
  • Managed Services has the required knowledge and has accepted the release.
  • Managed Services will execute the release to production

Definition of Done[1]

  • Smoketest on production environment succeeded.
  • Celebrate with “vlaai[2]”.

Real Life Example



  1. Definition of Done - A shared understanding of expectations that the Increment must live up to in order to be releasable into production. Managed by the Development Team.
  2. Vlaai - Vlaai, also known as Limburgse vlaai, is a pie or tart consisting of a pastry and filling. Vlaai is usually 26—31 centimeters in diameter. It is a typical product from the provinces of Limburg found both in the Netherlands and Belgium, as well as the parts of Germany just across the border.