Release Planning


Be transparent about expectations, even when uncertain. A release will provide focus and commitment in the team to achieve the goal of the release.

Prepare for success

  • Estimates must always come from the development team
  • User Stories that have been discussed with the development team, accompanied with wireframes are the minimal base for estimations (in Story Points). The total number of Story Points is the base for a release planning.


  • First planning can be done before the first sprint by the team. The team will start with an assumed number of Story Points that can be burned in a sprint.
  • Update forecasts for the release planning at the end of every sprint, based on the actual burned Story Points.

Definition of Done[1]

  • Release planning is never finished. We keep validating the planning against reality, and take actions when necessary.
  • The Product Owner has an up-to-date view on a realistic release planning.

Real Life Example

Kabisa ran an extensive co-preparation with a newly founded organisation entering the logistic market of parcels and packages shipments for small and medium enterprises. One of the results of the co-preparation[2] was a split-up of the project in six phases:

  1. Booking
  2. Connecting Receivers
  3. Connecting Partners
  4. Delivery
  5. Full Concept
  6. Global Rollout

For each of the phases 1 till 4 the business value was identified, Minimal Viable Products (MVPs) were defined and the required costs and time for these MVPs were estimated (ballpark figures). This formed the basis of the first release planning, which could be monitored and adjusted to reality throughout the project.


  1. Definition of Done - A shared understanding of expectations that the Increment must live up to in order to be releasable into production. Managed by the Development Team.
  2. Co-preparation - The Product Owner (PO) meets the Team with their technical skills to define the best solution for the business case challenges. Best ideas arise in offsite meeting(s) in a relaxed and inspiring atmosphere. Various techniques are used to explore possibilities and to discover business values and ways to mitigate risks.