Product Owner selection & training


The Product Owner[1] plays a crucial role in the development of a great software product. Without a good Product Owner, the product vision will be unclear and chances for real success are low.

Prepare for success

During early conversations with the customer, Kabisa emphasizes how important it is to have a good Product Owner on the team, with this profile: - has extensive domain knowledge - has the mandate to make product decisions - is willing to experiment & iterate towards business goals - interacts with end users and other stakeholders - can trust a team of professionals and collaborates transparently with them - has at least 50% availability for the role of Product Owner throughout the project


We will support the customer in selecting a Product Owner within the customer organization. If the Product Owner has no experience in fulfilling this role, Kabisa provides a Product Owner training.

Definition of Done[2]

Product Owner that best fits the profile is selected & trained for the role.

Real Life Example

For the custom development of a new webshop for consumer products, the customer of Kabisa proposed their CTO as the Product Owner. The head of e-commerce was also involved in the kick-off. Because of his domain knowledge and his mandate, the head of e-commerce seemed to be a better fit for the role of Product Owner. We trained both of them during the project kick-off phase, and discussed the possible consequences of both options. The customer choose to make the head of e-commerce available for the role of Product Owner. Throughout the project, when important decisions had to be made, his business perspective has proven to be invaluable.


  1. Product Owner - The Product Owner plays a crucial role in the development of a great software product. He or she is responsilble for maintaining the Product Backlog.
  2. Definition of Done - A shared understanding of expectations that the Increment must live up to in order to be releasable into production. Managed by the Development Team.