Kabisa is proud of everything they build for their customers. Therefore we would like to share our experience with future new customers or employees.

Prepare for success

The Scrummaster writes a short resume of the project including the business achivements and technical challenges.


A blog post is created for the site. This blog is shared through LinkedIn (slack to all personnel) and Kabisa Facebook and a short message with a link is posted on Twitter. All involved Kabisa team members add the project description to their resume. The customer is asked for a reference or quote which can be added to our Website.

Definition of Done

  • The blog is reviewed by marketing manager and posted live on
  • Message send on slack with request to share.
  • Resumes are updated.

Real Life Example

After finishing a release where kabisa had innovated a chat bot for compiling sender and receiver addresses for parcel shipments. Kabisa was so proud they had surpassed the expectations of the customer so they wrote a blog to express their expertise. See Blog: conversational interface in je mobiele app