Kabisa is proud of everything they build for their customers. Therefore we would like to share our experience with future new customers or employees.

Prepare for success

Team Account Management & Marketing write a resume of the project including the business achievements and technical challenges.

Definition of Done[1]

  • NPS Score has been requested.
  • Logo customer & testimonial has been added to the website.
  • Screenshots of the app are in the possession of Kabisa.
  • Portfolio page & video are online.
  • Resumes Kabisans are updated.
  • Photo of Milestone[2] is online.
  • Message sent on slack with request to share.
  • “Trotsmuur” checklist is completed.

Real Life Example

Click here for an example (Philips Hue Portfolio).


  1. Definition of Done - A shared understanding of expectations that the Increment must live up to in order to be releasable into production. Managed by the Development Team.
  2. Milestone - Milestones are used to track progress toward a specific goal or event.