The official start of a project is very important. This event ensures everyone involved in the project is on the same page and knows how to work with each other. This is the start of coöperation and building great things with each other.


Product Owner selection & training

The Product Owner plays a crucial role in the development of a great software product. Without a good Product Owner, the product vision will be unclear and chances for real success are low.


Team composition

Motivated professionals with the right expertise are needed to form a team with the Product Owner and build a great software product.


Designed Partnership Alliance (DPA)

When people work together on a daily basis, the DPA helps them to agree on how they want to work together. This significantly improves the chance that they will succeed, and aligns their expectations on how to deal with it when they don’t.



When the people who work together on a daily basis, a social event helps them to get to know each other. This significantly improves the chance that they will respect each other, handle problems in an easier way and thus work happily together, and successfully finish the project.