Improvement ceremonies


A culture of continuous improvement creates an environment where people grow and innovation happens.


Striving for improvement is a mindset that finds the opportunities for improving continuously. In the Kabisa Success Process, there is a number of events that are explicitly suited for this: Backlog Refinement, Retrospective, Daily Standup and code review. But don’t limit yourself!

Real Life Example

For the development of an app to book a shipment for parcels and packages, in sprint 12 the team started working on a new epic[1] regarding the integration with webshops. Halfway during the sprint a great new idea for implementing these types of integration arose in the Kabisa team. The Product Owner[2] was thrilled with this idea. Rather than finishing the sprint as planned, the team spent the rest of the sprint working with the Product Owner to define and refine user stories according to the new idea. This made it possible to start working on this in sprint 13. Instead of considering sprint 12 as a lost sprint, everyone involved was very happy with the improvement.


  1. Epic - An epic is a means to describe a larger user goal or business goal, that will be further developed in multiple user stories. Linking the user stories to the epic, gives insight in the context and progress of the epic. Epics are used to make a high level planning.
  2. Product Owner - The Product Owner plays a crucial role in the development of a great software product. He or she is responsilble for maintaining the Product Backlog.