Deployment pipeline management

The terms development, testing, acceptance, and production (DTAP) refer to four common phases in the software development process. The environments used for these phases are often referred to as the DTAP-street. Kabisa can advise you on how to set up and automate this DTAP-street. This makes it possible to release a new version of your application to your end users in a controlled way that requires no or a limited amount of manual intervention.

Compared to manual deployments, automated deployments can be executed quickly, in a reproducible manner, with a smaller chance of faults or omissions. By automating the deployment process, we enable the project team to focus on product development, implement new features, and ship updates quickly.

Deploying a new version of your application is always preceded by a number of automated tests. That way, we’re able to detect possible flaws in applications before they are released to end users. This saves costs and reduces the risk of data loss. Do you feel that your application isn’t sufficiently covered by tests? We can extend the test suite for your application too.