Concept review

Clarify and quantify business goals, and validate these against market experience and (potential) user groups. To support our customers in this, Kabisa works with partners that are well versed in digital strategy and business concepts. Early feedback from them will help to strengthen the concept.

Assumption Analysis

So you have a great new business or product idea, and you’re totally convinced that the world is waiting for this. With passion for the problem you’re trying to solve, Kabisa wants to work with you in an exploratory approach towards the successful solution. Even with your extensive domain knowledge, you cannot know the value your new product will have for your customers beforehand. Together we identify the biggest assumptions, in order to take a product development approach aimed at validating these assumptions one by one.


A persona is a fictional character created to represent a real user type that will use your product in a similar way. Personas are useful in considering the goals, desires, and limitations of users in order to decide about your product’s features, interactions, and visual design. Creating these personas will help the Product Ownerand team in making decisions throughout the project.

Customer Journey

A customer journey map shows the story of your end-user’s experience. It identifies the key interactions that the user has with your organization, and identifies the user’s feelings, motivations and questions for each of the touchpoints. Mapping the customer journey helps you understand how prospects and existing users use the various channels and touchpoints and how the organisation’s service is perceived. This makes it possible to design an optimal experience that meets the expectations of major user groups.